Tuesday, November 24, 2015

~Lolita Desu Review~

Greetings, all! Recently I ordered from a company called Lolita Desu, a place I'd been checking out every now and then before finally taking the plunge. The company is located in Japan and sells both secondhand and new J-fashion items, notably lolita, fairy kei, and boystyle. They also offer a variety of cute snacks, stationary, and plushies. It's a good place to get your kawaii fix for a reasonable price. The main staff members, Fox and Turtle, are incredibly kind and I found customer service to be quite good. 

Let's go into detail about what I ordered!

So, a while ago I owned "Cherish My Juicy Cherry" by BTSSB. I loved that dress, but impulsively sold it. I really ended up missing it and was delighted to find out that LD had the same colorway that I previously had available. Since I'm on the topic of this dress, I want to note the one flaw in my experience with LD. The stock picture for this dress was a different cut JSK than the one that it actually was, and the title of the JSK was listed wrongly as well. The dress was listed as the "Candy" JSK when it was actually the "Lilly" JSK. For me, this wasn't a huge deal, as the JSK they actually had was the same as my old one and the one I really wanted again - this was shown in the shop's pictures of the item. Knowing that that was the item I'd be getting, I went ahead and ordered it.

One thing nice about LD is that they offer free shipping if your order is $150 or more. My JSK was only $145, and I wanted to take advantage of that benefit, so I also ordered a couple more things (a cute headpiece, a sticker, and some K-pop cards [I have no clue what to do with these x)]). If you do get free shipping, the package will be sent either by airmail or EMS (whichever is most economical).

My order was placed on November 13th and I received my package on November 23rd, so it took ten days. This was fine for me as I wasn't in a rush to receive the package. I was pleased with how it was packaged - there was obvious care put into it and a cute snack was even included as an extra.

Here are some pictures of everything and how I received it!

Packaged in an envelope.

The cards and sticker were in the pink cardboard for protection.

Better pictures of the items:

The dress was gorgeous and in even better condition than the last JSK I had of this print. I loved that it was packaged very safely.

It was nice that the cards and stickers were put into this so they wouldn't be damaged.

Here is the adorable snack LD put in my package:

Overall, I was very pleased with my order and plan to order from LD again. I informed the company of the issue with the stock photo and name and they got back to me right away with an apology and promise to check better next time. They also stated that if I had gotten an unexpected dress, they would provide a refund and free gift. To me, this is a sign of great customer service.

I highly recommend Lolita Desu for secondhand lolita goods!

Final Score:

Communication: 5/5
Shipping: 5/5
Quality: 5/5
TOTAL: 5/5

Thank you for reading!

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